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代表挨拶 Message from CEO

At Hivix, our strength is that “we can use inflated air products
to respond to a wide variety of customer needs”.
Many of the objects we use naturally in everyday life without thinking
can be made more comfortable and convenient if we use air.

Unlike the springs in a mattress made of urethane or cotton, a mattress made with inflated air doesn’t allow pressure to build up in one spot but instead disperses the pressure evenly, reducing uncomfortable pressure on the body. Therefore in recent years, inflated air products have been making strong inroads in both the bedding industry as well as the field of nursing.

Urethane foam etc. mattress
Uneven pressure distribution resulting in
loss of shape.

Air mattress
Pressure is dispersed, preventing it from
building up at any one point.

Air has excellent resistance to impacts. Because it absorbs shock, it isn’t as bouncy as mats made from rubber or other materials. This quality is exploited in the production of car airbags and rescue cushions among others.

Rubber, wood, metal etc.
Objects dropped from above bounce back.

The shock is absorbed and the bounce

Products made of inflated air are flexible and however they are bent or folded, will quickly return to their proper form. Originally, ETC barrier arms on Japanese expressways were made of wood or plastic, but in order to avoid damage to vehicles or breakage of equipment in the event of a collision with the arms, these arms have been changed to a safer product.
→ Please read the story of the development of these barrier arms.

Styrofoam, wood etc.
If you try to bend it, as a matter of
course it will break.

Due to its flexibility, it instantly returns
to its proper shape.

Being able to inflate or deflate the product at will is a huge advantage. Because we can easily deflate the products for storage, inflated air products are used in a variety of scenes. For air mats and panels used in construction and transport, it is also very convenient if they can be folded up small for transport or storage.
→ Please read the story of the development of panels for use in transportation.

EVA resin
Strong, but takes up a lot of space
when not in use.

Can be folded up for compact storage.


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