HIVIX – manufacturer of
high-frequency welded and
heat-welded plastic products





代表挨拶 Message from CEO


代表取締役 高井順子

Our company was formed as a plastics manufacturer in 1951.
Over the next half a century our dreams swelled and flourished.
The 21st century found the world in a state of great change and upheaval, and big changes were underway in the Japanese economy too.
People’s lifestyle needs diversified and swift response became a necessity in all fields.
Our products are given shape by the inflation of air, and pretty soon the roles they fulfilled began to diversify too.
From sport and leisure products, to medical products and industrial materials, in all these fields, Hivix products were put to various uses. With that, we began to take a great deal of pride in our work and to pursue the possibilities of the future.
It has now become an era in which use of the latest materials and an excellent command of cutting edge techniques has become something of a given.
In light of that, we thought that it was important for us to try and go the extra mile towards helping the end user create the sort of lifestyle they dreamed of.
Young and old, man and woman, whoever you are, our aim is to make a comfortable and agreeable society for all.
We say in Japan that “water conforms to the shape of the vessel”.
Of course it is true also that air conforms to the shape of its vessel.
However, if we imagine the vessel as a preconceived notion of the potential of air, we want to confound that stereotype and create something where there was nothing.
Hivix products give shape to air, connecting people to people and people to their dreams.
Hivix’s future is advancing step by step with people’s dreams.

沿革 History

沿革 History

July 1951 Hioki Tomiyoshi began manufacture and sales of plastic productsi
January 1954 Incorporation of Hioki Plastics Industries Co., Ltd
August 1955 Miyama factory operations begun
October 1964 Okuwa factory operations begun
January 1968 Dannoshima cutting factory and product warehouse operations begun
January 1973 Sunami factory operations begun
March 1977 Capital increased to sixteen million yen
July 1977 Head office and factory operations consolidated in Sunami
November 1978 Hideo Takai appointed President and CEO
April 1980 Capital increased to twenty-four million yen
November 1982 Dannoshima factory and warehouse moved to head office
September 1990 Company name changed to Hivix Co., Ltd
March 1993 Head office building was completed
November 2001 Acquired ISO 9002 certification
November 2001 Junko Takai appointed president
December 2008 Acquired certification for ISO 14001
June 2014 ISO 13485 acquisition planned

会社概要 Company Information

Company name Hivix Co., Ltd
Representative Representative director Junko Takai
Address 245 Miyaden, Mizuho city, Gifu prefecture
Establishment January 1954
Capital Twenty-four million yen
Nursing care, domestic products:
Bed sore prevention air mattress, portable bath tub, foot massager etc.
Travel goods:
Various air pillows and air cushions
Industrial materials:
Transportation air bags, concreting formwork air bags,
electromagnetic shielding
Air mats for gymnastics, kindergarten pools, air bags for weight-training
Major business
The Gifu Shinkin Bank
The Juroku Bank, Ltd.
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd

設備 Facility


Gifu prefecture,Japan